Thursday, June 10, 2004

Good blogging

The Marquee de Sells blog has some interesting stuff. Chris is the Content Strategist for MS Longhorn dev web site.

How about tracking your web site using Simcity instead of just charts and graphs. Here's what Chris has to say about this one.

VisitorVille maps your real-time web site data to a SimCity-like environment that you can use to see where folks are going on your site and how they're navigating from one place to another. It does the other web traffic kinds of analysis, too, but the ability to watch your visitors in real-time looks pretty darn cool. This is the kind of thing that Longhorn should be good at enabling.

Like the self-promotion thing but he's right - I have been working with various tools from vendors such as MS, Kana/Broadbase, Marketwave/Accrue, NetIQ, etc. and this one takes the cake for cool-factor. Hope it will support X-box in the next version.

Sort of reminds me of the feeling I got when I first saw that Analyzer tool that came with Site Server. Kinda makes your stomach drop when you're zooming around all the links.

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