Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Mozilla Project Officially Releases Firefox 0.9 _xeno_ writes "The last release candidate was apparently good enough, because Mozilla Firefox 0.9 has now been officially released. New features since 0.8 are, ...

Lots of good stuff out there today.  Tuesday is supposed to be the most productive day of the week.  Too bad it's Wednesday.

I installed Firefox 0.9 and it bailed on importing my Internet History.  It sort of reminds me of Opera without the bloat (if you can believe that).  Netscape went from being the piggiest browser on the planet to starting over from scratch.   There's a good one in the comments on this site about Netscape suing MS a couple of years ago: dude anything that microsoft does is legal. they're the o.j. of software companies.  I wonder what they will do to compete with Netscape reborn.

Here's a good one about How to Become as Rich as Bill Gates. I don't want to get to that level, but if someone can shoot me $800K I'll have my 5 year plan complete.  The first $1M is the hardest, so I figure I should leave a bit left to work for if my Paypal account fills up before then.

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