Sunday, June 13, 2004

Stack Full Error Part 1

I didn't realize people could talk so much. There are over 1+ million blogs out there and at last count I must have subscribed to most of them, or at least within 2 degrees of separation. This has caused some serious lagtime in my RSS Reader, RSS Bandit, otherwise a great tool that I'll keep for day-to-day reads since it can easily synch with my laptop. My problem is when I added all the MSDN feeds for pretty much everyone in the company that has a feed. I think MS employees are mandated to post at least once a day, and if that's in relation to their bonuses, they are going to be big this year. My other problem is when I added all the Blogrolls. A Blog Roll is a list of all the subscriptions a person has. If Robert Scoble had all his subscribed feeds printed out for a day, I am sure we could climb our way to Mars. The Scobleizer's bonus should be at the top of the pool, since he also works for MS. After 1 week I'm kind of happy with the fact that this has happened, since now I know the limitations of a couple of the readers out there, and I can stop reading this stuff for a bit. If anyone knows of a self-help group for this stuff please let me know. There's a couple guys in a similar predicament who seem to have solved this issue. Let's give it a try.

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