Monday, June 28, 2004

Thinking of Firefox again

Mark from the SQL Team @ MS blogs about Firefox (well, indirectly anyway).

Do you remember the movie Firefox? (Okay, that came out in 1982, before some of you were even born, but at the time I was a Clint Eastwood fan and into military aircraft, so back off!) The key to the movie is that the jet (codenamed Firefox) has a neural connection and the pilot controls things like firing armament by thinking the command. Of course, it being the 1980s, the bad guys we were stealing the plane from were the Russians (or probably more accurately Soviet Union) so Clint had to THINK in Russian.

What if you could just think at the computer and it would do what you said to, just like an arm or a leg?

Anyway, the purpose of his blurb is recapped:
So, what language do you think in? Is it the same one that you're currently being paid to use? If not, you are not as efficient as you could be. And your code may be horribly inefficient, too.

I asked my friend this one time, since he is Brazillian and speaks Portugese, what language he thinks in. I think he said English, but since he speaks at least 5 languages now, including German and SQL, I am not too sure.

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