Thursday, June 24, 2004

wiki wiki whack!

Something just whacked me upside the head. I have been using OneNote off and on for awhile now (mostly off until it becomes a little less rigid and a little more drag-n-drop).

One of the good things about OneNote is its ability to search notes, and to be the central repository for all those little .txt notepad files that end up everywhere.

One of the bad things is there was no import or export tools.

There is an import tool now. Haven't seen any XML export tools yet but it can't be that hard. If you can get it in, you should be able to spit it out.

What about an RSS feed directly from your OneNote software, to Sharepoint? Does anyone know if this exists?

Another good thing about OneNote is that it is a great tool for gathering requirements from meetings. This lends it to the Wiki model of hyperlinking the entire document with helpful information, and group collaboration, maybe with Sharepoint Portal Services.

Hmm... Sort of like team blogging to create an encyclopedia of the project and it's requirements...

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