Sunday, July 18, 2004

The International Conspiracy to Catch All Tuna

World's Appetite for Tuna Threatens Supply

Sat Jul 17,10:16 PM ET

By MORT ROSENBLUM, AP Special Correspondent

<>FAVIGNANA, Italy - Over thousands of springtimes, as far back as Homer's Odyssey, the fishermen of Favignana have battled giant bluefin tuna lured into vast chambers of intricate netting. This year, the nets were empty.

This is awful. I really enjoy eating sushi, and Tuna hand rolls are my favourite. Looks like I'm going back to california rolls.

There is some more troubling information if we dig deeper here.

Japan and China seem to be the most prolific consumers and subsidizers of fish, which explains the trend of all these sushi restaurants opening up around here. What impressed me the most is the fact that Japan will pay up to $150,000 for one bluenose tuna. That is probably worth the cost of chartering a boat for a month to search for a couple of them, if you could get the right licenses. No wonder organized crime has gotten into this game.

The chicken of the sea are not happy.

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