Sunday, August 01, 2004

Future Fantasy Gadget: Soundwave MP3 Player

Future Fantasy Gadget: Soundwave MP3 Player

The premise is simple. Someone needs to purchase the rights to use the image of Soundwave, the evil Decepticon Transformer, from Hasbro. Then make a hard disk-based MP3 player out of Soundwave (slightly smaller than the original Transformer toy, though, for portability) that actually transforms. Then sell the individual transforming cassette Transformers (Casseticons, was it?) as individual USB flash-based MP3 players that can be placed inside the larger Soundwave unit to extend its library.

Yeah, and how about Optimus Prime as a remote control for your TV, or Voltron as a blender for your kitchen?

Transformers are big on e-Bay right now. Check out this one for $1300 bucks.

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