Tuesday, January 04, 2005

How NOT to do a Band Reunion Show

Saw this VH1 band reunion show a couple of days ago, and I was a bit interested to find out just 'where are they now'. It was on Information Society - I had a few (1) of their tapes in the '80s (yeah, I bought the remix tape too I think) and their 1-hit wonder song Pure Energy (I want to know) was really cool. I think it was the drums that did it. Or maybe Spock.

Where did they get the host of that show anyway?

Anyway, they had a 'band reunion' with what was supposed to be 4 members of the famous-era band members. Unfortunately their lead singer didn't show up! (Gets better!) They really should have just called it a day....








Hilarious! Kurt, let me know when you and the band are really going to get together to do a show in Toronto, Canada, or at least when & where you're showing off the car next. http://www.insoc.org/Car.HTML

Update: Link to VH1 Message board http://www.vh1.com/interact/boards/main.jhtml/bands_reunited/ViewThread?tID=675513&mID=3561763&offset=0&index=21

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