Saturday, April 16, 2005

LiquidIce's PSP Hacks

LiquidIce's PSP Hacks

Thanks to Liquidice for the inspiration to hook up Winamp on my home PC to my Playstation Portable.

In 3 easy steps! (well, not really easy, more like *&%@#(&!!! but hey it was worth it...) - The widely available Wipeout Pure Browser hack made me go out and burn $50 bones on a game I played twice. - The DNS server I setup from above link - Cygnus Winamp Remote via web browser.

After installing Tree Walk DNS and performing the couple of install steps in the Wipeout Pure browser hack walkthrough, I setup Cygnus.

In the C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\Cygnus\Messages directory, you can create a text file with the name of the logged in user to Cygnus. You configure your users in the General Purpose plugin settings of winamp.

Mine looks something like this (it's HTML):

Hi Andrew.


BBCFinancial Times

TV guide

Then you setup your PSP to use the DNS server you installed (your local IP address) rather than the server provided in the hack.

When you hit the Download page in Wipeout, the Cygnus page should display, with the links above & some additional search capabilities.


You may have to go into Cygwin & configure the MP3 Directory & rebuild the database of mp3s. I also noticed my PSP seemed to shut off or disconnect randomly.

On to other hacks. Maybe a browser toolbar written in javascript & some frames would help the browsing experience. Hmm...

I just wish there was a way to d/l content onto PSP from the internet.

Well, back to Luminens.

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