Saturday, April 02, 2005

Sorry Warren

A top insurance company as the new Enron?

An accounting probe at AIG worries Wall Street, and involves some of America's richest men.

Yeah, so I bought BRKB (Berkshire Hathaway) a couple of months ago. Just 1 share (!) but since everything I buy seems to go down, I had apologized in advance to the world's second richest man, since I'm a big fan of his.

Looks like this self-fulfilling prophecy stuff seems to keep coming back to haunt me.

I also bought Hemosol (HMSL) a couple of years ago.

Right after this: But Hemolink didn't work. Last March, Hemosol announced that another Phase 2/3 trial had shown the product caused "certain adverse events" in cardiac patients

I'm guessing that means they gave their blood supplement to some people, and they had heart attacks, but adverse events could even mean their hair fell out or something...

I am still in the stock unfortunately. Reading Yahoo's Message Boards on that one is like a soap opera, with everyone thinking the company will cure cancer or something 'next week'. Maybe I can go acquire a pipe off of that $90 million dollar plant down the road or something.

If anyone wants to give me some cash to invest for them, it may be a good idea. I would make a good short-seller. As my friend said to me last week when I asked him about buying more Hemosol, "don't try and catch a falling knife."

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