Friday, July 29, 2005

Downloads from MS Research

Downloads from Microsoft Research

Anybody know what happened to the WWMX Client? If you view source on the download page they have commented out the download link.

WWMX sounds sort of like flickr/gmaps on steroids.

This Software is offered to you as part of your voluntary participation in the Microsoft Research WWMX project. The WWMX project is meant to facilitate research concerning a massive image-media database indexing location-stamped media. The Software collects personal information (unique logon name, Email address, and any image media that you explicitly and voluntarily add using the WWMXClient) that is stored in a central database. Of these, all but your e-mail address may be transmitted over the Internet to anyone who has access to the Internet. You accept all responsibility for posting any image media to the WWMX, and certify that all such media is (1) owned by you, and (2) does not contain content objectionable to anyone, to your knowledge. Our policy is to remove any photographs as soon as possible upon receiving notice that they may contain content objectionable to another party. Your e-mail address is used by the administrators of the WWMXClient solely for the purpose of notifying you of software updates and to allow indirect communication between users of the WWMXClient. The WWMX Server will record your patterns of use of the WWMXClient and associate it with your username. This is solely for the purposes of analysis and in no way will this information be released outside of the WWMX Research Team. The WWMXClient software is designed so that only WWMX administrators will have access to your e-mail address. Other users do not have the ability to discover your e-mail address through the WWMX. This information will not be used at Microsoft for any purposes outside of the scope of the WWMXClient research project and will not be shared with any third parties other than as aggregated reports of project utilization, or required by law.

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