Thursday, October 27, 2005

Scoble inadvertently gives 1st Amendment to China, with some help from Google

China Herald

A week of being told "you're wrong"

Why doesn't Mr. Scoble use MSN Spaces exclusively? Just curious. I am not a big fan of Blogger, but I use it because it is convenient and integrates well with the Google Toolbar. My MSN Spaces site has many more features but is getting really stale.

Maybe a Blogger - MSN Spaces migration wizard would help things move along? Hurry up VS 2005.

In another issue relating to China, a blanket prohibition on the import of all Chinese objects of art into America is forthcoming.
Bill Gates' stepmom writes her response to this.

I hope this does not go through. The world needs to share and learn about other cultures, and that cannot happen when one country silos all of it's cultural artifacts.

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