Friday, December 16, 2005

American McGee�s Personal Weblog

Maybe I'll get all of these together to have an id family reunion.

American McGee, other than having a name almost as cool as Zig Ziglar, worked on Doom & other id projects.

To start, I?ll be the first to admit that I know little about making games. Yeah, I?ve been doing it for 13 years, and have worked for the likes of id and EA, but hey, what do I know? Maybe I?ve faked my way through it all to this point! Actually, I just don?t think that anyone really knows anything about making games. The medium is too new. Sure, I know how to make a title that fits into an established genre; anyone working in the industry long enough knows how to do that. But to truly make a game, to build something from scratch, now that?s a scary thing, a tough thing.

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