Monday, December 12, 2005

BBC NEWS | Technology | Data disasters dog computer users

But the data disaster at the top of the list, for its yuck factor if nothing else, is the story of the company that unearthed a laptop that had lain unused in a warehouse for almost a decade.

The laptop was needed because it was thought to hold valuable company information. When it was opened to get at the hard drive, it was found to be heaving with the husks of dead and decaying cockroaches.

My friend was wondering why his computer kept blue-screening. It wasn't a bug - it was a dead mouse in his computer case. Apparently it had made a mess on his video card. He Windex'ed it to death but it was never the same....

The best solution for data loss is prevention.... always back up your files.. but if you're just plain lazy and can't be bothered, keep some cash sacked away as OnTrack recovery insurance.

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