Friday, December 16, 2005

Engine John Carmack

Armadillo Aerospace

This is what the other John, John Carmack is up to.

It would be interesting to note that there is a possibility that John invented the concept of blogging. By using the Finger protocol, people were able to view a unix .plan file of progress made with Doom, Quake, and other id software projects. Apparently people are still trying to pick his brain.

I get a pretty steady trickle of emails from people hoping for .plan file updates. There were two main factors involved in my not doing updates for a long time ? a good chunk of my time and interest was sucked into Armadillo Aerospace, and the fact that the work I had been doing at Id for the last half of Doom 3 development was basically pretty damn boring.

His blog hasn't been updated here in awhile, but hopefully he has other areas where he is posting.

I keep running across topics that are interesting to talk about, and the Armadillo updates have been a pretty good way for me to organize my thoughts, so I?m going to give it a more general try here. .plan files were appropriate ten years ago, and sort of retro-cute several years ago, but I?ll be sensible and use the web.

A little bit of background on Armadillo Aerospace.

"Armadillo Aerospace is a small research and development team working on computer-controlled LOX/ethanol rocket vehicles, with an eye towards manned suborbital vehicle development in the coming years. The team currently consists of a bunch of guys, a girl, and an armadillo named Widget. Our fearless leader, John Carmack, will lead us to space and, well, outer space. Please feel free to make yourselves at home and check out our journey."

I wonder if the other John is still working with Will, the frontman from the band Information Society. That VH1 Reuniting the Band show they did, and Will's comments afterwards on the internet were hilarious.

Whatever happened to Daikatana anyway? Should have stuck with a simpler name, like Sloth, or Destro, or Doomed'er.

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