Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wow. Microsoft Windows Live Local

Pretty incredible. MS Local Live one-up's Google's Keyhole technology by providing "bird's eye" arial views of major cities. New York. Las Vegas. Los Angeles. Philadelphia. Boston. more... Will be interesting to see what Google comes up with next. Watch for flashbulbs going off in your bedroom.

My $0.02.

  • Interface should scroll like Google, smooth, with none of this clicking a compass crap.

  • What's with the 10-line URL? MS needs to buy TinyURL to solve these URL-wrap problems.

  • Add a 'blog it' button in the permalink section.

  • Provide an address lookup feature.

  • How about a reverse-address phone lookup?

  • Heh, scroll around the above URL and see ads for Calvin Klein, The Gap, Yahoo! Is that really legal?

  • Get some international cities going. How about the moon?

  • What happened to the 'smart-client' download idea instead of using the browser?

  • Allow users to tag areas with keywords for searching... graffiti-style

    Never mind about the blog it button.... it's in the scratch pad.
      I can't wait until Flight Sim 2008.

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