Sunday, April 23, 2006

Chernobyl report author slanted?

The Chernobyl disaster and its repurcussions has been lingering around for almost 20 years (the anniversary will be next week.) There seems to be a ton of press releases making front page of Yahoo around this.

A new study was released called The Other Report on Chernobyl (TORCH).

Two UK scientists put together this report. One has some interesting enemies.

LLRC Journal Radioactive Times. Vol.5 No 1: "Fairlie, who admitted to being a great friend of Richard Wakeford, BNFL�s Health Effects Rottweiler, even withheld papers which had been submitted for the Committee�s consideration. The deliberations became so altered by the time the minutes of the early meetings appeared that LLRC had to bring a DAT tape recorder to each session to ensure accuracy. Paul Dorfman was routinely excluded from decisions, paperwork and access to meeting transcripts. Finally, when Marion Hill (about whom we were at first the most concerned in terms of possible bias) began to be excluded from the secretariat loop, she resigned in a letter that accused Fairlie and Goodhead of collusion resulting in a bias to the intention of the committee. She further complained that Fairlie�s invoices would soon amount to �100,000 - four times as much as other Secretariat members - when unsalaried members of the committee like Richard Bramhall (who spent days transcribing the tape recordings) and Chris Busby (writing copious papers for the committee) received nothing. This bombshell letter has been followed by a major re-allocation of work in the secretariat. "

There are 443 nuclear reactors in the world, averaging 22 years old.

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