Saturday, April 01, 2006

Write a book based on your WebLog

Eric Sink's Weblog: "After what seems like an eternity of proofreading, today is the day that my book is being sent off to be printed. The book is essentially a collection of essays from here on my weblog, each one edited and prefaced with an introduction."

Eric is a detailed writer, and his postings are mainly essays, so don't get any ideas about compiling your daily livejournal entries about your cat into a book. This does prove that it is possible to author a book through your blog, and then use existing content to publish your blog in book form.

This entry will appear in Chapter 6 of my book, Wavesmash - Deep Thoughts in a Shallow Pond, titled How to Write a book based on your WebLog.

Get your comments in to the book now...

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