Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Name your lane in Toronto

Choosing a Name
The city has prepared an informational document on choosing a name for a street or lane called Street naming/renaming. Its contents are summarized here.

Acceptable Names
In general, street names should reflect local history or the environment. This means honouring great Torontonians, remembering events from local history, celebrating diversity or reflecting local plants and animals.
Certain names are unacceptable, including names that are duplicates or similar to existing streets, offensive and advertising. If you cannot think of a name, we have prepared a short list of street names. The City Surveyor also keeps a list of proposed names on file. You may also consider visiting the Toronto Archives (255 Spadina Rd.) for names of important Canadians or events.

Street Type Designation
The following are recommended when considering what kind of street it is.

Street, Avenue, Road, Boulevard - for major thoroughfares or streets of several blocks in length
Drive, Trail, Way - for streets which are winding or curved
Terrace, Gardens, Grove, Pathway, Heights - for minor or short streets
Lane, Mews, Close - for narrow streets generally used for service
Crescent - for streets which form a crescent
Court, Place - for cul-de-sacs
Circle - for streets that are circular
Gate - for a short street that provides an entrance to a subdivision
Square - for streets that form part of a square
You may also choose North, South, East, West and Upper & Lower if it is appropriate.

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