Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Geek's Guide to Getting Free Stuff | The Free Geek


The Geek's Guide to Getting Free Stuff

Whoever it was that said, "There's no such thing as a free lunch," didn't know about the Internet. There are a lot of free things online, and a lot of it is actually legitimate and valuable. Better yet, many of them won't spam you with additional offers unless you've okayed it.

There are also offline ways to get free stuff, most of which you don't have to pay anything for, or very little (taxes, shipping). So here's our list of ways to get free junk or links to other lists. Most of what's here should appeal to the geek, and since most geeks still drink, eat and bathe, there are some freebies listed in that vein.

Source: The Geek's Guide to Getting Free Stuff | The Free Geek

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Ross Gordon said...

You are very right. There are tons of ways to get free stuff from all over the net. I even started my own blog just posting all the free stuff i find. There is also a youtube video imbed on there that shows a whole bunch of the free stuff that my wife got online. It's almost all legit. Good post.
You can see my blog called Free Stuff Finder (should be able to find it if you click my name. I'm not going to post it here b/c i don't want to spam this blog) and see the video and the stuff i post....
Thanks for the good post Free Geek!