Monday, May 28, 2007

Scoble and a VC confirm I need my tinfoil hat on...


There was a conspiracy theory going on that the CIA runs Facebook for their own covert operations on US citizens.  Actually, it's probably more like corporations will soon run Facebook with their marketing dollars.

Why is Facebook so valueable? Well, I had lunch with a venture capitalist today and he explained to me just how much information and how much time the average Facebook user is putting into the system. It’s going to let Facebook deliver very targeted advertising, he told me. Much more than many more popular sites. Look at Digg, for instance, Can you figure anything out about the users of Digg? No. So, how will you send targeted advertising to them?

Source: Scobleizer

Just read a comment thread and you will figure out stuff about Digg users.

Like allthewhile, who probably drives a Hummer and eats hamburgers and steak for breakfast.

Omg now the CIA knows I like the counting crows and voted republican. HOLY CRAP!

Not sure why you would want to target your product to the girl I went to school with in 2nd grade anyway...

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