Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Sear's Craftsman Compucarve

I think it's spelled Sears without the apostrophe... anyway this machine sounds incredible.  Think a printer that uses wood instead of ink.  So the cartridges are a bit more expensive, and it may get quite loud, but how about having a picture of your son or daughter's favourite cartoon character on a wooden toy box you built for them? 

I wonder if this thing will do tattoos?

Review of the Craftsman Compucarve

The computerized Craftsman Compucarve is one of the most powerful and innovative Craftsman tool products I have seen in an extremely long time. The Craftsman Compucarve is on the very cutting edge of new and innovative technology. This powerful computerized Sear's machine is not just an ordinary router, but the Compucarve is a powerful computerized creative machine for the Craftsman tool person who has everything. The innovative and powerful technology of the  Compucarve is so amazing! You will be totally amazed by the possibilities of the new and innovative product.

With the computerized Craftsman Compucarve and the powerful innovative technology built right in to this product, you can design your very own templates from powerful software provided for your computer by Sears. Another added feature of the new and innovative computerized Craftsman Compucarve is the ability to take a picture of anything, download into the software on your computer, and carve an exact duplicate of the photo into a piece of wood. 

The sky is truly the limit with new powerful Craftsman Compucarve! You could take a picture of old Victorian Woodwork and make a duplicate copy for your own home. The powerful innovative and computerized technology built into this new woodworking product is amazing! I believe the Craftsman Compucarve will change the face of woodworking forever.

Source: The Sear's Craftsman Compucarve

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