Sunday, May 13, 2007

Stephen King to Make his First Ever Canadian Appearance at BOOKED!, a New Readers' Fest in Toronto

My favourite author is going to be at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto next month.  Got my tickets! 

And, BOOKED! is proud to announce a gala tribute to master storyteller and multi-million-copy best-selling author Stephen King-his first-ever public appearance in Canada-to receive a lifetime achievement award from the Canadian Booksellers Association. The event, to be held at the John Bassett Theatre at the MTCC on Friday, June 8 at 7:30 pm will include an on-stage interview with a surprise celebrity guest. Presented by BOOKED! in partnership with Luminato, International Readings at Harbourfront and Simon & Schuster Canada.

Source: Stephen King to Make his First Ever Canadian Appearance at BOOKED!, a New Readers' Fest in Toronto

So who sold more books - JK Rowling, or Stephen King?  What's more important is who would win in a Celebrity Deathmatch?  Guess I'll never know.. Youtube pulled the video.

In the insanely detailed fan club for Stephen King, there is a wiki article listing every cultural reference to him.... my favs:

In the episode Insane Clown Poppy King has a small cameo as himself. While sitting at a book fair, Marge asks King if he has been writing any new horror. King says no: "I'm working on a biography of Benjamin Franklin. He's a fascinating man. He discovered electricity, and used it to torture small animals and innocent babies--And that key he tied to the end of a kite? It opened the gates of Hell!" Marge asks him to contact her when he gets back to horror, and he writes a note to himself: "Call Marge, re: horror."

King was actually speaking of Edison, who used to electricute animals in his laboratory for parlour tricks.  What a nice guy... father of lightbulbs and all...

Bart: "Don't you mean The Shining?
Groundskeeper Willy: "Shh, boy! Do you wanna get sued?"

"No TV and no beer maker Homer go crazy" - don't mind if I do!

Besides The Simpsons, King has been referenced in dozens of TV shows, films, and songs.  Even ABBA got into the mix.

Should be a fun and memorable night...

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