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Wavesmash's blog and French TV

To be honest, I never really got into my Live Spaces blog over at Microsoft.  Yes, it has a better interface for editing posts.  It has _cool social networking_ features.  I can put up widgets and wadgets showing stuff like my sister's art work and feeds I read.

Unfortunately Blogger came first, and when you're first it's pretty easy to get to the top.  When you're second, you're already at the bottom.

I have a couple other blog sites out there that will eventually get mashed into mostly for my own tracking purposes, and I will probably install some custom blogging software, however until then this is where the posts stay.

One problem with having multiple blogs is that people are posting on my Spaces blog and I'm not seeing the comments.  Like this one about ORB TV.

Ted Shelton

BUT -- we just announced today that it is available WORLDWIDE -- not US only... and introduced our first foreign language edition, French, at You can stream video, audio, and photos using Orb anywhere in the world. The only thing we have to add on a country by country basis is TV listings and that is coming... best, Ted Shelton (Orb)

April 06 12:21 AM

Source: Wavesmash's blog

I like marketers who comment personally on my blog with the features that my posting saw as a deficiency.  It's really neat that they take the time to do this and try and correct me when I'm wrong or my posting is no longer accurate, even though chances are nobody but the marketer and I saw the posting anyway.  Now that is targeted advertising!

But what's with the comment on French, c'ist vous plait?  Just because English & French are the official languages of Canada, do you think I watch French TV, or can even remember how to properly spell c'est vous plait? (Google comes up with Cyst Vous Plait, which sounds like some sort of disease)

Mon dieu!

Of course, one of my French-Canadian friends felt the same way when I asked him what part of Quebec he was from.  He would launch a tirade at me on how there are over 50,000 French-Canadians in Toronto, many of them who were actually born there.  I am still not sure if he was actually born in Toronto, or right about the number, though it was fun hearing him go off every time I asked him.

According to

More than 100,000 French people are installed in Canada. Each year about 3500 French people choose to go and live there, and more particularly in the province of Quebec.

I am sure that we installed many more people from the US, South America and Asia than France last year. 

One thing I noticed with Orb was the download experience - why do you need to get an executible for the particular country you are in?  How come you can't just pick the country?  This better not be another English/French thing.  What if I travel between countries... which one do I get?  Plus, when I download my English-Canadian executable, the first message after I login is Let's get your TV listings - Please type your ZIP code.  Zut alors!  We are in Canada, eh?  Canadian's have a thing called the Postal system, which uses special "Postal Codes" to track where to ship packages, and how to set your TV guide.

Oh well, I can still translate US to Canada and figure out what the heck they are looking for and give the marketers my cable provider information and a fake postal code near me.

The other thing I noticed was that it asked me to share my documents - I thought I was streaming live TV for free here?

Oh... I am streaming live (and recorded) TV for free.... and music, and webcams, and my documents, and photos, and some other stuff, but I still need to subscribe to a cable or satellite provider if I really want live TV, or use my good ol' rabbit ears.

- Image from

I guess I could use JumpTV instead if I learned another language besides English.  Or I could search for television and

order the results by # of diggs. 

Apologies for my English-Canadian tirade, it was only meant to be humorous and not slagging Ted's comments, French-Canadians, Orb or its technology.

Check out as it is still really incredible and getting better all the time, though why can't I right-click on the Orb taskbar icon?  I can right-click on every other icon.  I'm confused!

Ted's blog has some really interesting posts about marketers interacting with the blogging community. 

Awaiting Ted's response on my Blogger blog... and thanks for the Canadian TV program guide :) 

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