Friday, July 20, 2007

The Impact of Facebook's Platform

Singularity is an O/S from Microsoft currently being written on top of C#.NET.  To me it looks a bit like the concept of Windows as an O/S, with DOS in the background, except Windows is written in C# instead of C++.  It seems a bit redundant, like when MS should have done away with DOS altogether and stuck with strictly Windows as the O/S.  Although I did spend a few years writing DOS command scripts, so I am glad they didn't or I would still be driving my Ford Escort with the holes in the floor.  And it's tough to write an O/S, so kudos for the effort.

Singularity offers a unique opportunity to quantify the costs of
hardware and software isolation in an apples-to-apples
comparison. Once the costs are understood, individual systems
can choose to use hardware isolation when its benefits outweigh the costs.

I'm not sure whether that means it's going to run on a Macbook or not.  I think what it means is that it will allow you to virtualize the O/S a bit more and run multiple O/S'es on the same box.

I think I would rather have my computer startup into Facebook as an O/S, with Word & Excel somewhere in my profile.  Sounds a bit more fun.  The blue screen of death could be a photo of one of your friends drunk at a party a couple of years ago wearing a lampshade hat.

It would also save my wife some time opening Internet Explorer and typing

The Facebook Platform reminds many of us of Windows; and people are calling it "the social operating system" on which you can develop your Internet apps.

Source: The Impact of Facebook's Platform

Why just Internet Apps?

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