Friday, July 27, 2007

A solution to Global Warming? Box it up and sell it!

Apparently there is a magic box in the UK that can be attached to the back of a car and trap emissions for recycling as biodiesel.

The three estimate that 10 facilities could be built across the UK to handle the carbon dioxide from the nearly 30 million cars on British roads.

The inventors say they have spent nearly 170,000 pounds ($348,500) over two years developing the "three distinct technologies" involved and are hoping to secure more funding for health and safety testing.

Not surprisingly, the trio won't show anyone -- not even their wives -- what's inside the box.

After every demonstration they hide its individual components in various locations across North Wales and the technology is divided into three parts, with each inventor being custodian of one section.

"Our three minds hold the three keys and we can only unlock it together," said Houston.

Source: From Wales, a box to make biofuel from car fumes | Science | Reuters

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