Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Trends in the Living Networks

Social network motivating factors...  

The nine motivations are:
* Financial. Immediate or future financial rewards
* Contribution. Feeling of contributing to something socially worthwhile.
* Outcome. Benefiting by using or applying the outcomes created by the network.
* Learning. Learning from leading thinkers or peers or through the participation itself.
* Community. Feeling of belonging to and participating in a group with shared values or interests.
* Reputation. Enhanced reputation and esteem from others.
* Coolness. Being involved in interesting, exciting, and novel domains with broad appeal.
* Fun. Enjoying play, exploration, and social interaction.
* Fairness. Feeling there is equitable share of rewards (this is in fact most often a demotivator, if people believe that reward sharing in the network is inequitable).

Source: Trends in the Living Networks

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