Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Girl Power - Whateverlife.com - Ashley Qualls - Nabbr

She's raking in $70k/month with sponsorship and her site gets more traffic than Oprah.   Makes her money from Google AdSense and Valueclick traffic, and direct sponsors.  And Nabr, which bills itself as the 1st Social Promotion Network.  (Sounds like Amway but without the expensive products.)

She contracted some developers from India to build her a sitebuilder app - that raked in 28,000 users in the first week.  She's brought in more than $1 million dollars - and she doesn't even have a drivers license yet.

And she won't sell.

Whateverlife just sort of happened, another accidental Web business. Originally, Ashley created the site in late 2004 when she was 14 as a way to show off her design work. "I was the dorky girl who was into HTML," she says. It attracted zero interest beyond her circle of friends until she figured out how to customize MySpace pages. So many classmates asked her to design theirs that she began posting layouts on her site daily, several at first, then dozens.

By 2005, her traffic had exploded; she needed her own dedicated server. Ashley, who had bartered site designs for free Web hosting, couldn't afford the monthly rental, not on her babysitting income. Her Web host suggested Google AdSense, a service that supplies ads to a site and shares the revenue. The greater the traffic, the more money she'd earn.

"She would look up how much she had made," says Jen Carey, 17, one of her closest friends. "It was $50. She thought that was the coolest."

I'm doing what everyone says they want to do, "live like there's no tomorrow." --Ashley in her blog, "The Daily Life of a Simple Kind of Gal," July 1, 2006; 2:43 a.m.

The first check, her first paycheck of any kind, was even cooler: $2,790.

"It was more than I made in a month," her mother says.

Source: Girl Power - Whateverlife.com - Ashley Qualls - Nabbr

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