Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ted On Flex


Microsoft has removed my example streaming SWF/FLV from their streaming service. Looks like I violated the terms of service in streaming FLV and SWF files.
The example no longer works but this is how it was done:
1. Create an account over at Microsoft Silverlight Streaming Service.
2. Upload this ZIP file.
3. Looks at the results page look at the JS in the last call:
function CreateSilverlight(){
source: "streaming:/27498/SWFStreaming",parentElement: Wrapper_SWFStreaming});
4. Take the highlighted URL and open it in a browser like so:
5. You will get a 301 redirect, similar to how works to a much longer URL into the cluster at the Microsoft Silverlight Streaming Service.
6. Chop off the files and you are in the ZIP file you uploaded as a file system. From here on out simply call the URLS relative to the base path.
For all the talk about how the formats work together, it is a shame they do not allow the streaming service to serve FLV and SWF.
So this is the end of the experiment. A day of blogging and exploring on one of Microsoft's most state of the art services. At the end I guess I am little frustrated at the lack of a solid definition of "Streaming" by either company. "Streaming" means different things to different people. I guess in some cases "Streaming" is progressive download, "Streaming" is playback before the file is complete, full control over skipping forward in a file without delay, or others full RTSP and other protocols.

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