Sunday, September 30, 2007

What jobs are Iraq war veterans coming back to?

Letter openers apparently... according to Remote Control Mail's CEO.  Interesting and useful service too.

We are entering into an agreement with a national network of non-profit employers of disabled veterans to supply us with scanner operators nationwide - all of whom will have DOD clearances. When this arrangement is up and running then customers will actually be able to select “conventional” or “super high security” scanning, the latter being handled by mostly-Iraq war veterans who have Secret or Top Secret clearances. They will be issued pocketless uniforms (similar to the kind used in federal vaults), will be disallowed from having any personal items like cell phones, or even pen and paper in the operating area, and will be working in a “clean room” environment. The entire process while the envelope is open will be filmed on a proprietary witness video system we have developed called Documentary(tm) which literally makes a movie of your document being handled, and that movie can be watched up to 30 days after a document has been scanned, through the web, by the customer. We set out to really, really solve this problem once and for all, and for the law firms, healthcare facilities and government agencies already testing our service or planning to use it in the future, this is a key feature. No one else does this that we’re aware of. Stay tuned to the website to find out when we bring this element of the service live. Besides the “double bottom line” of creating high paying jobs for disabled vets, this offering makes it possible for government agencies to meet their “set aside quotas”, and in some cases is the only way they can contract out their mail processing to the private sector.

Source: Remote Control Mail: Check Your Postal Mail on the Web

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