Thursday, October 04, 2007

Facebook API Update — Circle Six Blog

Facebook worried about losing market share to ?  Not anymore... 

Well, they did it. Facebook is allowing status updates through their API. You have to get “Extended Permissions” from the user, which is pretty scary for the user, but if you want to update your status from an external app, it shouldn’t be that scary. And since I’ve already done most of the work to get MoodBlast working with a homebrew Facebook app, it shouldn’t take too much to get it moving in this direction. Thanks to Reid for the tip! This will delay the next release of MoodBlast a little, but I’m sure you’ll all find it worth it in the end

Source: Facebook API Update — Circle Six Blog

I see a gadget that tells everyone in Facebook when I'm opening my fridge, or cooking dinner, or hitting snooze on my alarm clock.

Kinda like Big Brother on 'roids.

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