Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Why the Kindle Will Succeed: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device

 I have been wanting to get an e-ink reader for the last couple of years now.  Only recently have they become more mainstream, but they're still not ready yet in my opinion. 

The Amazon Kindle is unique in that it downloads subscriptions and e-books using EDVO rather than USB or Wifi.  EDVO is a cellular network technology, and Amazon is eating the wireless costs (for now).

With free access to Wikipedia and $9.99/book access to all the NY Times Bestsellers, and 80,000 other books, and access to Word documents, it really provides a case for buying an e-book reader, and could be a success on the level of iTunes.

The word Kindle seems to indicate that this is really the beginning of what is to come.  Now if only if I could use the thing to copy directly from my PDFs or even CHMs (Help files) to the Kindle, without any conversion steps or loss of formatting.

Truly innovative products should promote either a strong need for or a strong aversion to adoption.  Change both excites and frightens people, and a truly innovative product (the automobile, electricity, the computer) should provoke these reactions, and not a sense of mediocracy.

Plus it supports newspapers and blogs... and audiobooks... and photos.

And it provokes strong reactions, with over 500 reviews and a 2 1/2 star rating.   But it's #1 in the Kindle Store!

1.0 out of 5 stars A disgrace to every book-lover! (no stars), November 21, 2007  

What I don't understand is why a supposedly "book-loving" person like Jeff Bezos can think that digitally "improving" books will work. If he is such a book-lover, then why would he disgrace the book by creating the literary equivalent of an iPod? Now, I myself am a big fan of the iPod but it is totally different. it's ok to have all your music in one place, but books? A book is one of the most priceless things on this planet. Books shouldn't even have a price, and only should to benefit the author, who, unlike many people, took time out of their lives to create this masterpiece for people to spend hours reading it, the spine cracking as the story progresses, the sweat of the hands smeared on the cover, its edge slowly curling up. How could anybody replace this with a wireless gizmo that doesn't even allow someone to buy an actual physical book ,let alone touch it, smell its pages. Surely there is an explanation and here's mine: humans are getting more stupid each day because of pointless technology such as this, which in turn keeps us from partaking in intellectual things like reading. Books are becoming extinct, and if this is the only way to help bring them back, then God help us. This device is not a helping's an abomination.

Source: Customer Reviews: Kindle: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device


3.0 out of 5 stars Good idea, but need to be improved., November 21, 2007


. I want touch screen.
. I want a electronic pen.
. I want audio.
. I want video.
. I want multiple language dictionary.
. I want it can store more books.
. I want it cheaper.
. I want the eBook cheaper.
. I want .....

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