Thursday, March 13, 2008

Air Charter Hot Deals — Charter Flight Promotional Offers, Discounts from Virgin Charter

Sir Richard Branson and the Virgin brand are now selling direct-to-internet charter flights.

Want to book a trip from Tokyo to LA on a private Jetstream V for $58,000? How about less? Just put in a bid.

Can't see any stink bids being accepted but who knows? Not sure if they accept Paypal just yet... on second thought... $50k & paypal probably don't mix.

This is a neat way to see where the rich, famous, and business execs frequently travel. Namely NJ, CA, and TX, with some flights from Portland, OR to Hawaii.

I saw Sir Richard a couple of times when I went to those roving Learning Annex seminars. Although the brand name is successful, I'm not sure how well his companies do. It was impressive to see him show photos of the Royal family flying around in the 80s and 90s in his private jets. It wasn't so impressive when he was advertised as a motivational speaker, and was hung over after VirginFest in Toronto. Motivation and alcohol don't mix for me.

His other comment about always keeping a notepad in his back pocket to take down information during parties (because of alcohol-induced blackouts?) kind of made sense. Memory's always a problem when liquor kills your brain cells.

Best way to get a flight to anywhere and become influential in the world? Buy an airline.

Worst way to get famous? Fly around Washington, DC.

Speaking of flying, my quest to master FSX and take on the real world of flying has hit a snag. The keyboard seems really sensitive, so when I hit the throttle to taxi I end up either driving into a ditch or crashing into a terminal. This is not a confidence-builder. There is no "realism setting" in real flying. This is really ticking me off since I bought a new computer and was looking forward to flying around with the maximum effects turned on. At least I can see the cars I'm crashing into when I try to land on the highway.

Guess I'll have to break down and buy a yoke & rudder... or maybe just go for the real thing... or maybe do both.

With American Airlines and Virgin America promising in-flight broadband I might be able to fly FSX multiplayer while flying in a real plane.

That makes my head hurt... or was it the 2 bottles of Baron Phillip de Rothschild Merlot from last night? Searching for reviews on that wine comes up with "buy cheap wine." Sigh. Should have stuck with the Chateau Mouton.

Air Charter Hot Deals — Charter Flight Promotional Offers, Discounts from Virgin Charter

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