Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Flipbook on China: A Magnum photo essay. - - Slate Magazine

This video steps through 30 years of photographs of China, and has some really powerful images.

"China Transformations" is the theme of the 12th International Biennial of Photo-Related Art, which takes place in Houston on March 7 to 20.

"A Flipbook on China" celebrates 60 years of observing the changes in China, as documented in Magnum's living archive. More information about the festival can be found on the FotoFest Web site.

A Flipbook on China: A Magnum photo essay. - - Slate Magazine

A book I just received in the mail and definitely worth picking up if you like art history and want to learn more is 30,000 Years of Art. 

Be careful if you have a weak lower back... this thing weighs about 13 pounds, is 12" tall, 3" thick and is over 1000 pages.  Quite possibly the best value for your free shipping coupon, though the postal delivery person will hate you.

The book would make a good side table, a project I may consider since it crushes my legs when it sits on my lap.

I managed to 'read' it in half-an-hour, though it will probably take years to actually acquire some "art appreciation" with it.  It's really a picture book of art appreciation, with one photo per page, but the small caption for each piece is misleading.  A wealth of information has been captured detailing where the piece currently resides, country of origin, how it was created, and why it is relevant.

Don't bother with the bookstore.  Get this thing delivered.

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