Sunday, April 20, 2008

CeBIT 2008: OCZ NIA Reaches Mass Production - TrustedReviews

2008 will be known as the year of mind control... that is, using the mind to control.

OCZ, the makers of my PC's power supply, are distributing a device that allows the use of the brain (!) to control video games.

But does it work with solitaire?

As mentioned in previous coverage, the NIA doesn't remove the need for a mouse to control games, but all the rodent is used for is aiming, so the criticism is a small one. OCZ claims that the NIA is far faster than any mouse, as there is no delay between, for example, thinking shoot and the computer receiving the command to fire your gun. Of course with the device costing $300 to retailers, on the street pricing is likely to be pretty high so we can't see too many of these popping up at LAN tournaments any time soon.

CeBIT 2008: OCZ NIA Reaches Mass Production - TrustedReviews

The final version of the NIA uses a sleek metal housing, a USB 2.0 interface, and streamlined headband with carbon “dry” interface sensors. Due to the anticipation surrounding the release of the NIA, OCZ will be demoing the mass production device and begin accepting orders at the CeBIT 2008 in Hannover, Germany.

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For $300, it should look cooler.  For 90 pounds it sounds like a bargain.

Buy it here, soon?

Now if it can control an iPod or iPhone, it will become a billion-dollar product.

For $159, I'm willing to test drive.

Straight from the CEO's mouth:

To clear up the confusion surrounding the NIA, we talked to Ryan Petersen, co-founder and CEO of OCZ Technology. Petersen said that the suggested retail price of the NIA will be $159. "We want people to buy the thing, not to just look at it and think that they cannot afford it," he told us.

This reminds me of the iFeel mouse I bought a few years ago...

The device probably doesn't do anything more miraculous than detecting small movements of facial features and building patterns against them... but it will still be a cool item to type with... the 4 letters that your face would recognize at least.

Veronica Belmont tries another one from Emotive Systems out, with 3D-staring puzzle like results.

So apparently your mind is your face... could be interesting to attach this to a heart-rate monitor, temperature sensor, and pedometer... and maybe a wii-mote too.

Emotiv's offering is to be released in the fall.  OCZ's is hitting the stores this month(?!?)


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