Saturday, April 05, 2008

Don't lose a tempermental model's luggage

No more throwing cell phones around... this time it's all about assaulting an officer on an international flight out of the new Terminal 5 at Heathrow.

A cell phone to the head is serious... but this looks a bit worse.

When the police were called in to manage the dispute, Campbell flew completely off the handle and assaulted the police officer, which, apparently is against the law. She was thus subdued, handcuffed and removed from the plane along with her entire entourage of Campbellites.

Naomi Campbell flips out in Heathrow Terminal 5, gets arrested - Gadling

And another case for backing up your important data in the "cloud" or somewhere not physically near you, and definitely not in your luggage!

First the opening day woes, then Naomi Campbell, now 24 year old Scottish singer, song writer and record producer DJ Calvin Harris. Harris was flying from US to London’s Heathrow (Terminal 5) when his laptop with the only existing copy of his second album went missing (in the notorious Terminal 5 Baggage crisis). The airlines offered him GBP 750 as compensation for the loss.

Would you like to help out the folks at BAA with their luggage problem?

Try "Wee Willie Walsh" in TERMINAL PANIC!


Reminds me of that old Commodore 64 game, Beer Tapper.

If you don't want to help BAA, you can join the Stop Heathrow Expansion web site, though I think it's a bit late for that.

Apparently luggage is now being sorted by hand until they can figure the mess out.  I don't think they can outsource that work to another country.

Grupo Ferrovial stock seems to have weathered the storm okay. British Airways, not so much...

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