Sunday, June 15, 2008

StatCounter Blog » Blog Archive » Outage - Explosion at The Planet

How come more companies don't speak like this? 

I’m not happy – how do I complain?
We completely understand why you feel aggrieved. Should you wish to submit a complaint to us please do so by logging into your StatCounter account and clicking the “support” link in the top menu bar. Within this area you will be able to submit a ticket to us – we will endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible.

StatCounter Blog » Blog Archive » Outage - Explosion at The Planet

StatCounter, a great service which I have been using for free for the last few years had an outage last week.  For me it was a minor annoyance I chalked up to my ISP being down.  Perhaps the 500 or so visits per month to this site took it down?

Apparently it was more serious - an explosion in a data center of a hosting provider they were using took out a few walls.

I bet if more companies promoted the "how do I complain" mentality, and were as candid as StatCounter, there would be a few less angry people complaining in the world.  Most people just want a good, honest, explanation.

My father-in-law is on day 43 of working to get Bell Sympatico's High-Speed-Lite up again.  After 2 technician trips, 3 replacement modems, and untold calls to India call centres his service keeps dropping every few minutes...

He is looking for another provider... 

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