Wednesday, August 06, 2008

OCZ NIA Brain-Computer Interface - HotHardware

A very comprehensive review of the OCZ NIA.   Should be interesting for daytraders and gamers alike, and those with repetitive keystroke jobs (enter key anyone?).

According to the article, a grounding strap might be a good add-on.  And a sweatband.

And it isn’t going to replace the mouse just yet.  Like the Dvorak keyboard, it might be more efficient, but if nobody knows how to use it the chances of mainstream adoption are going to be slim.

Overall, the NIA is no where near as convenient as traditional input methods. Often, a significant amount of preparation is required before using the NIA, although setup never took more than 2-5 minutes. We didn't feel the extra preparation was unbearable, but it does become a bit annoying when all you want to do is frag some people with your mind (and face and eyes).

OCZ NIA Brain-Computer Interface - HotHardware

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