Saturday, March 07, 2009

Microsoft is broken

Or at least their OPML feed is.  I have tried importing their MSDN feed into at least 5 different clients, including Google Reader and Internet Explorer, with no luck.  Giving up on trying to catch up with MS developers for now... 

What's an OPML feed?  It's a way grouping a set of RSS feeds into a single package for importing/exporting.   Don't ask what an RSS feed is...

Downloading the MSDN blogs OPML, with it's 8000+ feeds was never much useful anyhow, since it doesn't allow you to filter by language or search terms... however reading 50-100 feeds gets a pulse on what is happening at MS.  Great crowd research.  Since MiniMsft is not around what else is there?  Silverlight, where did the buzz on that one go?  PerformancePointWindows 98?

Well, I'm a couple years late finding about the expiry of Windows 98 support, though this is probably good news for Microsoft developers who have had to support the platform with non-breaking new releases.  Now they can release breaking releases without fear of violating support agreements.  I hear Windows 7 (Vista SP3) is smaller and better, though there are the usual driver support issues, and now red screens too

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! . I spent 2-4 h every night in last  4 months maing silverlight document editor. I drow tre roulers manualy, coded every single  letter behavior and integrated control into framework throught System.Reflection so that user can add functionalty without coding throught admin wizard by connecting silverlight famework objects properties. And now my work goes to trash because Microsoft is about to realise this. Genaraly I like microsoft products, but sometimes they kill me.

That's about how I felt when I found out Microsoft PerformancePoint Planning was being displaced by.... nothing.

The activity of reading blogs seems to have been displaced recently by Twitter.

Dave Winer, the godfather of RSS, has an OPML Editor called TwitterCalendar that archives twitter posts for you and the people you follow. 

I still haven't figured out what the need is to post a staccato version of my inner voice, links about Twitter, TGIF, and what I'm doing at any particular moment as a series of ADD one-liners. The 3 minute MTV generation is turning into the 15-second texting generation. 

Pretty soon neuro-texting will be all the rage.  Why not just upload your raw thoughts out to Amazon S3 for all to see?   Just stay away from Facebook.

If I could get my OCZ NIA to do more than make Nomad hop around shooting randomly in Crysis, or if Emotiv decides to send me one of their EmotiveEPOCs, perhaps I could wire something up to Twitter...

source howstuffworkscom

Most of the messages would probably be aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa and those suction cups would probably take some skin off but it's a start. 

Anyway, if you feel that you want to capture a history of Twitter for fun or blackmail, perhaps Dave has the tool for you.  Or maybe it's Chris Pirillo with The Easiest Way to Archive A Twitter Thread.

Apparently Robert Scoble, geek blogger, is broken too, even though he hasn't been at MS for awhile.  I would think that not blogging for 2 weeks for him would be like MS not releasing a security patch on Patch Tuesday.  Why on earth would you release a set of security patches on the Most Productive Day of the Week has always been a mystery to me.  I hope they can do-away with the whole practice in Windows 7 and just start mailing out CDs like AOL used to do. 

Scoble doesn't seem to twitter as much as I thought he would either.


When the President of the United States of America is the second-most followed person on Twitter, I think a twitterintervention is in order.

Pointing my rss reader to and waiting for my teeth fall out.

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