Friday, October 21, 2011

Steve Yegge - Google+ - Last week I accidentally posted an internal rant about…

For those of you that are a bit verbose when writing up material for a presentation or business document, here’s a simple approach to make things more concise.

Here is how I prepared. Amazon people, take note. This will help you. I am dead serious.
To prepare a presentation for Jeff, first make damn sure you know everything there is to know about the subject. Then write a prose narrative explaining the problem and solution(s). Write it exactly the way you would write it for a leading professor or industry expert on the subject.
That is: assume he already knows everything about it. Assume he knows more than you do about it. Even if you have groundbreakingly original ideas in your material, just pretend it’s old hat for him. Write your prose in the succinct, direct, no-explanations way that you would write for a world-leading expert on the material.
You’re almost done. The last step before you’re ready to present to him is this: Delete every third paragraph.
Now you’re ready to present!

I left the 3rd paragraph in to prove Steve’s point.   Does “Now you’re ready to present!” really need to be there?  Or is it like Americanizing a movie ending, where the entire movie needs to be recapped to the audience who wasn’t smart enough to figure things out for themselves?

I like tips like these, they’re very easy to follow and can fit into your everyday email conversations too.


Steve Yegge - Google+ - Last week I accidentally posted an internal rant about…

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