Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Aerocrash landing

First experiences with Microsoft Flight.

It’s a Microsoft Flight Simulator product.  Similar controls and feel.  Load time is nice and slow on my quad-core 3ghz recommended machine.

Got my flight yoke and pedals hooked back up.  Bumped up the effects to max with just a bit of lag.  Flew around a few balloons.  Great graphics but sky is a bit grainy.

Not sure what Multiplayer is for yet… had a couple guys talking about 45 knot winds…

I clicked on Search Bing for the first Aerocache hint.   Who’s idea was it to to call an external browser anyway???


Seems like a pretty fun game and the points and achievements system really makes flying more fun. 

Service Pack 1 better come out before I get the Hawaii upgrade.

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