Sunday, February 12, 2006

5 Steps to Success

Achieve-IT!: What A Drug Addict Can Teach Us About Goal Setting: "act on the plan until they are successful."

1. Picturing what they want (an idea)
2. Attach emotional significance to the outcome. (emotion)
3. Decide specifically what they need to do (planning)
4. brainstorm and think through specifics. (prototyping)
5. act on the plan until they are successful. (iteration, reiteration)

And the last step that seems to be missing, is the reward. Or is just getting to #5 the reward?

I like this comment:

drug addicts dont visualise their goal,
they are driven by a neurochemical receptor
screaming for its chemical mate...the non addicts equivelant of having they're butt
set on fire...just a tiny motivator...

no amount of visualisation will give you
that core biochemical motivation

good metaphor for non addicts though,
thanks for the article..

What is the core biochemical motivation?

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