Sunday, February 05, 2006

Laser Monks, Real Savings. Real Monks. Supporting Real People.

Ommmmm. So I was looking for some cheap toner to put in my father-in-law's printer, and I found this site. I suddenly feel more enlightened about being ripped off on toner by the printer manufacturers.

Why is it that toner costs more than some printers? Won't this dramatically increase the amount of printers sent to the garbage dump, and ruin our environment? Is there nothing being done about this? How come we can't get ink in 5 gallon drums instead of $1000/litre cartridges? What about recycling motor oil into ink toner?

Anyway, I refuse to buy a printer until they come up with one that doesn't use ink or toner. Looks like I will be waiting awhile... unless the monks can come up with a miracle?

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