Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mark Cuban is still my friend

For now... He's hit the 5k friend limit on Facebook.  Looks like he may have removed my dog though... 

Here's a secret, Mark... you can have more than one account on Facebook.

"i also had to make decisions on the 100 plus new friend requests I get per day. Could this person really be my friend ? Could this person really be someone i do business with ? Did I actually know this person ?

Its kind of a bizarre process of clicking on ignore and deleting friend requests. To any of you who I have deleted or ignored. Its nothing personal."

Source: Mashable! - The Social Networking Blog

I wonder if I'm in "the Power Layer?" :)

"The Power Layer is probably the group of folks that caused you to join Facebook in the first place.  These are the folks that you wanted to have some sort of easy way of tracking them down and talking to them because they are influencers or connectors in an industry or circle that you either are a part of, want to be a part of, or have an occasionally overlap into the world they influence."

Let me ask the magic eight ball...

Question: did i make mark cuban join facebook?


 Anyone getting a Fathead for Christmas because of all their Facebook friends?

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