Monday, February 25, 2008

Everyone wants a new PC

Sorry to hear my P5E board doesn't support DDR3 RAM... but who cares about geekspeak... it's still a smoking fast system.

I managed to run out of 2GB of memory with Flight Simulator X though... what a pig.

Apparently building a new PC and creating a video qualifies for a reward.  I should have taped my experience... 6 hours of cursing, dropped screws, band-aids, and XP still took 45 minutes to install (same as my old PC).

It’s finally done! The “Max Builds a PC series” wraps up with the build process from start to finish. I had a lot of fun throughout this entire series starting with debating and choosing the parts with all of you all the way to the time I spent in the studio putting it all together. My only regret is that I have to give this 5.9 rated PC away rather than keeping it for myself……… Oh yes, you read that right: this got a 5.9 rating from Windows Vista’s experience rating system!

Page 3 - Max Builds a PC: The Final How-To Video and WINNER! | Posts | Channel 8

I'll probably cough up $50 for another 2GB of RAM.  Glad I got the 8800 GT... if you're buying a new PC for anything but email & web surfing, get a good video card.

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