Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hong Gao 's Web Log - Shipped SQL 2005

Hong Gao 's Web Log :: "SQL 2005

We know it is almost 6 years cycle for Yukon. I sometimes wonder ?Does Microsoft still know how to build product after not shipping this baby for 5 years?? This doubt was just instantly removed when I saw the session about SQL 2005. Well, I always reserve a special spot in my heart for Yukon after myself worked on this for 3 years. Normally, each session?s slides are about 15-30 pages. Yukon slides are 123 pages. This gives an idea how many cool features we added for Yukon. A couple of them are my favorite.

* Partitioning solves resource contention issue. It made SQL database scalable. I anticipate this will be used by Office sharepoint if WSS wants to scale out.
* Database mirroring
* XML indexes
* Bunch of T-SQL improvements
o Row_number, RANK, PIVOT, CROSS APPLY, error handling(TRY/CATCH), Event notification, Parameterized TOP
* Index tuning advisor automatically suggests index creation for query perf optimization based on the workload
* Snapshot isolation

I have no doubt Yukon is not only my number one database product, but also will be the favorite for our customers."

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