Saturday, November 19, 2005

Lillian Taublib

So I'm getting a ton of search results coming to me for Lillian Taublib. Who is she and why is she so popular all of a sudden? Someone please let me know.

The only thing I can find is a few references to her new movie, Crime Delicado, which was shown at TIFF and the Sao Paulo Film Fest.

Here's the Variety Review.


Anonymous said...

OK so you have loads of searches coming to you on Lillian and you ask yourself why, indeed I ask myself, why the results go to you in the first place and secondly how do you manage to get your result to the Google Lillian Taublib at the top of the list.
Surely by now you have done a 'google' and found that she is a Brasilian actress with a unique quality.
Brian =

abriwin said...

ps you forgot to publish the review or add a link to it.

abriwin said...

"So I'm getting a ton of search results coming to me for Lillian Taublib"
I did a Google and only got two results!
You are not the only one desperate to know more.
Crime Delicado is in Portuguese and has not been released in Portugal yet.

Anonymous said...

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