Monday, November 28, 2005

The Official Gilbert Gottfried Website

The Official Gilbert Gottfried Website: "Because I don't really have anything to tell you right now, and i just felt like a I owed you another BLOG, I will tell you a stupid joke that I heard a few years ago. It's not dirty and it's not on my DVD, but here it goes...
A man is walking home late one night. He decides to take a short cut through the cemetary, when all of a sudden he hears 'MARK!' He becomes very frightened and starts running. He hears again 'MARK!' His heart is pounding and he starts screaming. He hears again 'MARK, MARK, MARK!!!!' The man continues running and screaming. He continues to hear 'MARK, MARK, MARK!!!' A night watchman hears him and runs over to him.
The man starts screaming to him 'Thank god you're here. In the cemetary, a ghost keeps calling me. He keeps yelling 'Mark, Mark, Mark!' The night watchman says 'That's no ghost. That's just a dog with a hairlip.' "

Just finished watching The Aristocrats, one of the funniest, most repugnant, disgusting, and hilarious movies I have ever seen. Gilbert is one of my favourite comedians in there, though Jon Stewart & Bob Saget (!) are hilarious. Actually almost everyone is hilarious in this film. I guess that's why most of them get paid to crack jokes.

The Aristocrats is like cracking a joke about what you find on the internet with the Google safe-search filter turned off.

Disney, this ain't.

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