Saturday, April 14, 2007

27 Marbles Training - Creativity Explained

A friend of mine asked me to publish a link announcing her new business venture. Here you go Leslie...

27 Marbles Training is the insider’s go-to training company for highly effective workshops that deliver a-ha moments to advertising, marketing and related creative industry professionals – and ultimately provide your organization with a true competitive edge.

I'm sure it will be as successful as she is, and I am glad she is teaching others her craft. Leslie is one of the most creative people I know, and has done some really wild things... how many people can say they hosted a television show, was a director at a successful advertising agency, travelled the world, and sang in a movie or two...

Here's a sample course outline from a recent class.

Her business partner, Joan McArthur, helped to pitch (and win) Oglivy's advertising campaign for Microsoft, presenting directly to Bill Gates. Here is

an interesting bio on her... And some comments from another blogger who spent some time with Gates on March 6, 2007 talking about the future of creativity in advertising.

Given a long enough timeframe … all mass ads will be targeted to individuals.
-- Bill Gates, March 6, 2007.

I wonder if Bill means by using his Smart Watch.

Here's a link to the 27 Marbles web site, or contact her at to request some one-on-one...

I hope the two of them start a blog - I'm sure they have many interesting stories to tell.

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