Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Esperance bird deaths caused by lead?

 More on the continuing investigation as to why the skies have become eerily quiet after over 4000 birds died in an area of Australia.

Mining and other industries are other sources of lead in the environment. While some of the largest sources of lead pollution – leaded gasoline and lead in paint – have been phased out, lead continues to be mined, processed and transported. Recently, accidental and undetected release of a lead compound during shipping has been suggested as the possible cause of an extensive die-off of wild birds in Esperance, Australia. Such incidents remind us that the fates of birds can be a mirror of human fortunes: lead that is killing birds may be poisoning people and other animals as well. We need to pay close attention.

Source: Lead Poisoning in Birds: How and Why Birds Die from Lead Poisoning

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